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If you have stumbled upon my site because you are writing a paper or are in a particularly rough philosophy class and need help with another article, send me a suggestion via the comment form on this page. Don’t worry about it being public, as I don’t auto-approve comments. You can alternatively email me at intprops AAT gmail DOT com.

In the interest of spending my scarce time on articles that would help the greatest amount of people, I would appreciate receiving copies of syllabi for courses that actually use the article (or at least the one for your class – this helps me find more articles to summarize). I will address any text or thinker or any philosophical issue as long as you can show me that they are still taught and considered relevant. The only exception would be on very well-covered thinkers – I’m not in the mood to reinvent the wheel… unless, of course, you feel that you have scoured the internet for a good source on a specific thinker or issue and have not found a good source.

And note, I am not writing an essay that will become your property – this is not a free ethical ticket to plagiarism. Your feedback is simply helping create a beneficial educational resource for others, which also happens to benefit you.

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