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If you’re chugging through college you’ve probably accumulated a bunch of essays that will forever sit on your hard drive collecting virtual dust. So why not make a buck off of them?

I gotta face reality: I’m busy, and I’m only going to be busier as I start chasing my PhD, but I do have a measure of joy at the fact that so many philosophy students find my summaries on articles that can be a pain in the ass to understand. So instead of writing the summaries myself, I’ll take yours and fix it up, and pay you for it.


  • Article must be unique content, not published anywhere in print or on the internet, and most certainly not plagiarized
  • It must not be part of an active academic credit hour, meaning that the class must be already over and you must have already received a grade for the assignment
  • All submissions become my exclusive property following payment, meaning that I can do with it as I please.
  • I reserve the right to reject any submission on any grounds and refuse payment (no, I will not steal your content without paying)
  • Currently, the only way I know of paying someone random on the internet is PayPal, so that’s how I’ll pay.

Email me a sample at I N T P R O P S @ G M A I L DOT COM, tell me what articles you’ve summarized, and we’ll negotiate a sale package from there.

I’m not rich, so don’t expect a huge payoff. A decent, 500 word summary will typically earn you $1-2. I will pay more for quality summaries. Hey, it’s better than nothing, right?

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